About the project

We would like to tell and show Transylvania’s old stories..

In September 2011 I was standing among the ruins of the old Armenian capital, Ani. I tried to imagine the city, the way it might have been way back, in its prime. The buildings, the streets, the people, the noise, the hustle and bustle. The imposing ruins still offer a glimpse of its former majesty. But it would have been nice to see the buildings, at least. Not at home, in a book, not at an exhibition, but right then and there. Maybe it could be done using a mobile app…



    • Information point
      General information available anywhere. You just have to tap the icon.
    • Point of Interest
      This icon shows locations on the map. By standing in this spot, you can access the content that belongs to the location.
    • Recenter map
    • Audio guide
      If there is text associated with a PoI, it can be listened to on the audioguide.
    • Epoch view
      Old photographs of the given location.
    • Panorama view
      360-degree panorama based on virtual reconstruction.



Download the app

Museum Transylvania is free to download.